Induction Cooker, Volts: 220-240, Hz: 60, Watts: 3000

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Commercial Induction Cooker With advantages over cookers using other cooking methods, induction cookers offer efficiency, controllability, and safety

Commercial Induction Cooker Electric Countertop Single burner 10.8 quot x 10.8 quot cooking surface Ceramic glass 220/240v/60/1-ph, 3 kw ETL, NSF, CE

Each cooker contains one or more magnetic coils

Once the pan is removed from the cooker, the energy transfer stops

The internal resistance of the pan causes heat to be dissipated, following the Joule effect

The result is a flame-less and absolutely safe method of cooking

Thus it is the pan itself, and not the cooker, that heats up and cooks the food

When an alternating current is passed through these coils, a magnetic field of the same frequency is produced

When ferromagnetic metal based cookware is placed on the cooker, the magnetic field induces a current in the pan

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